Deeper insights from higher perspectives

Scientific evidence clearly shows that our daily energy practices are deeply embedded in belief systems, cultural codes and social constraints. This is why our work never looks the same and takes on so many different shapes depending on context, sector, scale. 

In concrete terms this can mean facilitation tools, a film documentary, social gaming, immersive decison making labs, or pictorial essays – just to mention a few. Each of these has one important element in common: a clear focus on the most powerful energy infrastructure of them all, the human mind.

Navigating to create maps

Given the contextual nature of our approach we rely on certain key ingredients and an iterative process when delivering our services:

Mapping the cognitive landscape: As a first step, we set out to identify the frames that shape the way you currently separate signals from noise and arrive at decisions. Which classification processes point towards the bigger picture – and which help fragmentize it? Which informal rules and traditions obstruct your view of potential leverage points? 

Co-creating interventions: Once we have established a shared understanding of the underlying dynamics, Energies United puts together a team specifically tailored for the context in question. Depending on the unique needs and challenges of your situation, this could be cognitive scientists, media producers and social ecologists, or game designers, user anthropologists and persuasive technology experts.

Launching probes: Like other agencies, Energis United offers a number of potential solutions. But what sets us apart is that our solutions take the form of new conceptual approaches, products or whole system interventions. Once we have agreed on the most promising option(s), we advance to the next phase where prototypes become probes with measurable outcomes. 

This concludes a typical first iteration loop. More available on request.