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Money in Place

Money in Place was conceived by Energies United and Adam Seitchik, a thought leader in sustainable investing and co-founder of Arjuna Capital. The project objective is to establish a global community of practice consisting of a diverse group of innovators, systems thinkers, activists and impact investors to explore a credible governance system for local impact investing made to grow the regenerative capacity of places. Money in Place started with an interactive seminar in Taos on November 13, 2017.


Energy Literacy

Energies United produces the world´s first festival for Energy Literacy focussing on the leading theme Energy as a Matter of Perception. The event will feature an international selection of sensemaking tools that transform sensible energy matters into senseable experiences. The gathering will bring together decision-makers from politics, business, science and civil socitey in an experimental setting and address the role of social energy practices, habits and perceptual patterns in radical new ways.



In collaboration with an international team, a feature documentary is currently under development. The story revolves around the Making of an unprecedented energy perception experiment on a giant interactive Times Square Billboard in New York City, exploring the lives and stories of trailblazers, scientists and creatives who dedicated their work to finding new ways for communicating energy.



This serious game contains 80 insightful conversation starters on the topic of energy – allowing a playful investigation of the diverse meanings of energy in our daily lives. The prototype will be launched in 2018.

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The Gradient

The Gradient is an independent medium for Essays published by ENERGIES UNITED. We invite experts from various disciplines and cultures to look at the concept of energy from a variety of angles and shed new light on the mental maps underlying our daily energy practices.


Theatre of Sensemaking

Energies United was commissioned by European Forum Alpbach to develop a specific experience design for conference participants allowing them to engage in a new kind of immersive performance on the nexus of energy, food and water.