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Money in Place

Money in Place is a global community of practice for local impact investing. The network emerged from a convening hosted by Energies United and Adam Seitchik of Arjuna Capital in November 2017, engaging systems thinkers, impact investors, placemakers and social design experts in Taos, New Mexico.

This silobusting gathering became a starting point for four distinct lighthouse projects in South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand and Germany seeking new ways to foster the regenerative capacities of localities through private capital. CleverFranke, the worlds most decorated data visualisation firm, will contribute a new kind of online interface to take place-based impact investing to a new level. 


Energy Pilots

Energies United hosts the world´s first program on Energy & Sensemaking. The five day course scheduled for 10-14 May 2020 in Berlin features a state-of-the-art selection of speakers, tools and methods that help communicate matters of energy in radical new ways.

Energy Pilots brings together decision makers from different cultures, sectors and disciplines in an experiential learning setting to explore the power of social practices,
mental maps and intercultural awareness as levers for sustainable development in
teams, organizations and societies. 

The number of available tickets for the prototype course is strictly limited to 30 participants on a first come first serve basis. Pre-registration will start shortly.


The Interface

Energies United is executive producer for The Interface - a feature TV documentary that is at the same time a gamified behavior change experiment. The story revolves around the residents of two Manhattan buildings engaged in a real-time energy savings competition that changes their lives. The interface allows the audience to take a look at our daily lives in cities through an energy lens, discovering the huge impact of small habits and revealing energy interconnections across scales that are usually invisible to the eye.


Theatre of Sensemaking

Energies United produces a theatrical lab developed by Berlin-based artists David Stöhr and Dirk Brauner allowing audiences to experience up close the interdependencies between our behavior patterns and the complex adaptive systems (aka Umwelt) surrounding us.

The collective longing for infinity in a finite world is the main theme for a 25min immersive performance featuring an interactive space that is a function of our deepest hopes and fears.

The premiere of PLI (working title) will be staged in spring 2020 at St. Elisabeth-Church in Berlin Mitte.


The Gradient

The Gradient is an independent medium for essays published by Energies United. We invite experts from various disciplines and cultures to investigate the concept of energy from unusual perspectives and thus shed new light on the fundamental assumptions underlying our daily energy practices.