Welcome to the world of ENERGIES UNITED

Energy means different things in different domains. According to industrial logic, it’s a commodity to be traded for profit. In scientific terms, energy is an abstract quantity subject to the laws of nature. In households, energy often boils down to an invisible power that simply “makes things work“, while for other families it means gathering wood for cooking. 

Energy is the giant elephant in the room, but when parts are confused for the whole it can make it challenging to find common ground, work across silos, and recognize risks and opportunities. Using innovative energy technologies is not the same thing as adopting sustainable lifestyles and habits. This requires a whole new perception.


Energy experiences that modify behaviour

ENERGIES UNITED is a new type of agency specializing in energy literacy. We unite scientific insights with the power of creativity to envision, inform and stimulate alternative energy practices. We use tools, methods and theories from a wide range of disciplines to create opportunities to change the way we make sense of and use energy in all its forms.

Deeper insights from higher perspectives

Scientific evidence clearly shows that our daily energy practices are deeply embedded in belief systems, cultural codes and social constraints. This is why our work never looks the same and takes on so many different shapes depending on context, sector, scale. 

In concrete terms this can mean facilitation tools, a film documentary, social gaming, immersive decison making labs, or pictorial essays – just to mention a few. Each of these has one important element in common: a clear focus on the most powerful energy infrastructure of them all, the human mind.

Our work is informed by three key concepts

Energy Literacy is required to make sense of energy and its role in our lives. It’s a necessary ingredient in order for an energy transition to take place in our minds. Over the past few years we have been researching energy literacy strategies from all over the world to offer the best insights to our clients and to inspire new approaches. 

Biophysical Economics refers to economic models where energy, material flows and ecosystem services are central. Reputable physical and social scientists argue that real economic value needs to be rooted in laws of nature and biophysical realities instead of financial theories. If balancing people, planet and profit is your goal, this is where it starts.

Sensemaking describes how decision making works in situations outside one’s conventional understanding. Usually it is airline pilots and emergency rescue teams who train their sensemaking skills, but we use these same tools to explore how the representation of information can help decision makers better address wicked problems and whole energy systems.