Learn to make sense of energy in a systemic way

At the heart of modern civilization lies an elusive concept: Energy. It is scientific quantity, industrial commodity, cultural construct, embodiment of personal vitality and everyday reality all at once.

The more stakeholders get involved in sustainable energy solutions the more we understand how energy is also a matter of perception.

Energy Pilots is the world´s first course to prepare you for the energy transition that has to take place in our minds.  


Explore the power of social energy practices 

Energy Pilots is a unique type of course gathering decision-makers from business, politics and civil society, researchers and trailblazers from disciplines such as intercultural communications, social ecology, organizational sensemaking, impact investing, whole systems change, embodied cognition, perceptual ecology and socioeconomics.

You will embark on a 5-day learning journey in an extraordinary setting and explore...

  • tools and methods addressing deep cultural belief systems and root metaphors we live by when it comes to energy

  • the role of language and embodied cognition for sustainable energy solutions

  • whole systems interventions that intertwine technological and social energy innovation 

  • sensemaking patterns underlying your perception of energy – individually, in teams, in entire organizations and societies

  • the changing meaning of energy - and power - in the context of big history and societal metabolisms

  • strategies that help to communicate complex energy matters across fragmented sectors, scales and disciplines

  • practical ways to conceive, manage and evaluate pilot projects to transform energy practices and lifestyles

Participants will furthermore…

  • strengthen their networks of people who are on the frontlines of community impact 

  • expand their ability to work in culturally diverse settings


Program Highlights

Energy & Sensemaking: The Big History of an elusive concept

  • Tyler Volk, Professor in the departments of environmental studies and biology at New York University

  • Mary Evelyn Tucker, Co-founder and co-director of Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale University

  • Frank Brück, Intercultural Trainer Capetown

Patterns of Power: Energy in different societal contexts

  • Marina Fischer-Kowalski, Past-President of the International Society for Ecological Economics and founder of the Institute for Social Ecology in Vienna 

Energy as a boundary object: Challenging habits and social practices

  • Bernd Sommer, Head of research division „Climate, Culture and Sustainability“ at the Norbert Elias Center for Transformation Design & Research, Flensburg

  • Dr. Claudia Turske, social anthroplogist and bodyworker

Prototyping Energy Pilots: Tools and techniques for whole-systems change

  • Mitchell Thomashow, former university president, author, expert in environmental learning and perceptual ecology

  • Adam Seitchik, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Arjuna Capital

  • Iris Hunziker, Systemic consultant and coach, Zurich (tbc)

Global Best Practices: Peer-group project clinic

  • Frank Sprenger, top management strategy consultant in the field of sustainable change

Please note that program and speakers are subject to change and will be updated continuously.

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Energy Pilots will take off from Berlin in May 2020

Date: Sunday May 16 – Thursday 20 May 2020

The course will start on May 16 at 2pm and end on May 20 at 4pm

Course language: English

Energy is the only universal currency.
— Vaclav Smil

Ticketing info

Corporate: 4,900 €
NGOs and NPOs: 3,500 €
Academia: 1,500 €

Early registration discount available until 31 December 2019:
Corporate: 4,400 €
NGOs and NPOs: 3,100 €
Academia: 1,300 €

All prices plus VAT and exclusive of travel and accommodation. 


Pre-register now and become a genuine energy pioneer

Due to the limited number of places available in this course, we recommend an early pre-registration to indicate your interest in participating. 

All 35 available tickets will be allocated by November 2019 in the order of incoming pre-registrations.


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